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18th February 2021

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The OneLife Network (OLN) is a growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. The Network has a digital platform with a unique portfolio of sophisticated products and social networking tools that help members achieve financial independence. Members enjoy access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice.

Want to find out more about the OneLife Network and the OneCoin cryptocurrency? Now you learn more IN 18 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES!
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*Dealshaker Turns 4
*Bulgaria Is In The News
*Backend Developments
*One Academy… One Heart
*Merchant’s Shout Out
*Captain King Jayms and Team on National Television
*Dr. Ruja’s Quote of the Week
*One Academy: Quote of the Week
*Captain’s Corner

February the 16th 2017 is a day to remember!
It is DealShaker’s Birthday…
On this day February 16th we celebrate four years of success in the e-commerce market.
Thanks to our wonderful users for becoming part of the innovation!
Happy shopping 🎁🛍🛒

Coin Transfer has been activated and there are new rules. Each coin transfer will cost everyone Gas units as a transfer fee.  One (1) Gas unit is equivalent to €1.
Understanding Gas in Ethereum based Blockchain:

Gas refers to the fee, or pricing value, required to successfully conduct a transaction or execute a contract on the Ethereum based blockchain platforms.
The concept of gas was introduced to maintain a distinct value layer that solely indicates the consumption toward computational expenses on the Ethereum based networks. Having a separate unit for this purpose allows for a practical distinction between the actual valuation of the ONE and the computational cost of using Ethereum based virtual machine. Here, gas refers to Ethereum based blockchain transaction fees.
Gas Unit Startup Bonus awarded:
As a startup bonus for this new process, the Company has awarded every member with 500 Gas units for free. Additionally, every month all members will be topped up to 200 Gas for free.  This means that if you have used 50 Gas units from your 200 Gas then the company will top up with 50 Gas units towards your 200 free Gas limits. Please note you are entitled to a maximum of 200 Gas units for free at a time.  If you wish to buy extra Gas, you can go to “My Wallet”, and click on Gas and you will see a €100 Euros Gas Package.
Please note the following clarification in respect of the admin fee for outstanding coin transfer of Powerpacks and other large Educational Packages. The short window period to provide documents is necessary to give our protection to the value of the One EcoSystem.
The Admin Fee is €30 Euros for each username (if ten persons came together to share that package each user is responsible for paying there €30 euro admin fee). All the lists and contacts along with the fee must be submitted to the Co-Captains’ Board for review only. Once the Co-Captains’ Board is satisfied, they will submit the lists and the fee to the Compliance Department for final approval.
It is important to note that this is a Free Gas Opportunity for these Packages, as such, there is a two-tier vetting process via the Co-Captains’ Board.  After the vetting there is the final Approval process, to determine if your Educational Packages qualifies you for Free Gas based on the Contracts and Agreements submitted. 
Gas units cannot be transferred to other accounts and can only be used as a coin transfer fee. Please note that NO GAS FEE is required within DealShaker Platform.
Happy Shopping!

Due to the fact that all ONE transactions take longer to be processed for migration, it was decided to convert them back to promotional Tokens and credit the accounts to whom they belonged. The ONEs were converted back with the ratio of the current difficulty rate, therefore no member lost any ONEs.
If you place your promotional Tokens in mining now, you will be able to receive your ONEs again.

Or you can feel free to keep them as tokens and participate in the upcoming split if you have any remaining splits for the account. If you do not have remaining splits, then there is the option of upgrading your package in order to receive a chance to participate. The OLN is providing a variety of ways to build up your strategy for success. The decisions however are entirely up to our respected clients.

You can see your promotional Tokens in My Wallets -> Tokens -> Free Tokens -> transaction remark: Old platform coin corrections: outdated KYC documents return.

Dear Members & Account Holders

If you have been a Joint Account Holder or Share Holder in the Educational Packages such as Power Packs, Ultimate, Supreme, Festival, Ellite and Combo Infinities then it is time to claim your share.  This is dependent on you having contracts or some form of evidence proving that you participated as a Joint/Co Owner/Share Holder in the concerned Account.  It must be noted that this will be the last “window” for such members to receive their coins.

Please note that the above mentioned packages, purchased between 2019 & 2020 will be entitled to receive the requested amount of Gas or direct transfer.  Packages bought before 2019 will only be considered if authentic documented evidence is provided with proper explanation/reasoning indicating why such owners did not transfer the coins during the previous three windows?

All the lists plus €30 Admin Fee must be submitted to the CoCaptain Board for review.   The CoCaptain board will then submit all the lists to the Compliance Department for final review, before the requested amount of Gas is loaded. (Please note all the conversion and transfer charges must be paid by senders).

Terms Conditions & Disclaimer

1. OneLife Network never authorised the independent marketing associates to participate in Co Sharing because it was, It is and it will be always against the Company’s terms & conditions.  The company will never authorise or encourage such transactions,  however,  discretion is granted for innocent members who were mislead by ex leaders who have since left the company.

2. Please also note that active IMA leaders, Country Managers and CoCaptains who are promoting the brand are not responsible for any previous actions done by inactive or former leaders,  especially those who sold the shares to their team members. Such share holders should contact their former Upline to seek the contracts/evidences in order to receive their shares.  However, if you already have contracts then please get in touch with the CoCaptain board to seek assistance.


If any situation occur where the account holder requests the transfer of  coins to “IMA A” but after receiving the Gas,  he or she transfers the coins to “IMA B” instead of “IMA A” then that account will be frozen permanently.

Please provide the following details when submitting your lists

3.  PowerPack account NickName/Username
4. List of receivers Usernames
5. Coins Amount
6. Contracts or declaration of trust between the account holder and shareholders in English. (If the documents are in any other language than official certified translation in English will be required).
7. Username & Name of the account holder with his/her Kyc documents.
8. The deadline to submit the lists is 15 February 2021.  As such you all have maximum 5 days to submit your lists.

With deep thought and consideration for all active, working, faithful leaders, we have decided to reward you with an opportunity that will never be repeated. We are giving you a chance to become Diamond and experience the Diamond trip in Bulgaria. This trip is going to be special and spectacular. Look for news rolling out every week speaking of the Diamond trip and the event to come in July.

With that being said, here is the special announcement: you will have a 3- month opportunity from January 1st — March 31st to qualify as a Diamond. If all existing Diamonds do the volume during this period, you will re-qualify as a Diamond, you will be invited to the all expenses paid trip.

We look forward to seeing you at our Bulgarian Event!!!

As we all know, the Global Event is approaching. It will be held towards the end of July 2021 in Bulgaria.  As announced, each IMA who achieves the Rank of «Diamond» for the period 1.01.2021-31.03.2021, will qualify for the special «Diamond Trip», which will take place a few days before the Global Event.  Further updates and details will be published in the Company’s Weekly Newsletter.

Bulgaria celebrates a New Country Manager for DealShaker Bulgaria:  MR. LYUDMIL GEORGIEV, who brings a wealth of experience and longevity at the Company having joined since November 2015.  Mr. Georgiev’s demonstrated knowledge, skills and ability would be of great value to the Bulgarian DealShaker Community.

Bulgaria will heighten its focus and activities on our trading platform!! An expected focus, as Sofia Bulgaria is the Corporate Office and Crypto Center of the Company, which constantly welcomes active leaders and members. Additionally, the country is a wonderful Tourist Destination. A place where members of the community can enjoy sights and sounds using their ONEs.







The Level 1 *INTRODUCTION TO FINANCE* is an excellent tool that opens up the world of Finance in a very simple, straight forward manner where you can get useful information about Investment Planning, Risks, Uncertainty, Investment Portfolios, Diversification, Personal Finance, Virtual Markets, Federal Reserve /Quantitative Easing, Inflation etc.
Short selling is a simple concept – an investor borrows a stock, sells the stock, and then buys the stock back to return it to the lender. Short sellers are betting that the stock they sell will drop in price in the short term. For instance, if you are bearish on gold, you can profit from a fall in gold price by taking up a short position in the gold futures market. You can do so by selling (shorting) one or more gold futures contracts at a future exchange.
@Page 44:
“Having a short position on the markets means that you offer an asset for sale with the intention to buy it back at some point of the future when its price has fallen. This is so, (in order) for you to reap profits from the difference. It is not necessary for you to (actually) own the concrete asset (in order) to short sell it. This technique can be done with derivatives as well or with borrowed assets. As such, it affects the price of gold as well.”
We all Need this Financial Education. Avoid making terrible Financial Blunders.  It is time to truly Go for The ONE ACADEMY COURSE and Tell Your Friends and Family to BUY the Packages and go through the ACADEMY.

The long anticipated long-awaited product of the YEAR is here!!! It is a must have product for every single Merchant, it is a must have product for everyone who desires to beat the recession. We welcome you to purchase….to share… to promote… THE 3 DAYS OF THE NEXT RECESSION: SURVIVAL KIT.

Tokens: 3200
Splits: 0
Network Bonus: Yes
Matching bonus: Levels 1 and 2
Bonus cap: 2240
BV points: 320
Price: 320 Eur (350 with activation fee)

In this Company we are all about dynamic growth and development, we humbly implore every single Educated Miner to purchase this product and be a product of the product, promote because you understand. If you had an existing Gift Code for this product before, we would provide the product for you.

Please note there is a SPECIAL PROMOTION for this product, that consists of a Starter Package and The 3 Day of the Next Recession Survival Kit FOR ONLY 400 EUR (including the activation fee), it is a 50/50 opportunity, it will not be provided in the Back Office, but it will be absolutely available by Bank Wire or through any member of the Co-captain Board.

Starter+ 3 Days of The Next Recession:
Price: 400 Eur with activation fee
Tokens: 4000
Splits: 1
Network Bonus: Yes
Matching bonus: Levels 1 and 2
Bonus cap: 2240
BV points: 400

Please ensure you get your package NOW!!!


To receive an invoice, you must write to the Accounting Department or contact a member of the Co-Captain Board, letting them know which training package or packages you need to pay for.  Specifying your username and your registered e-mail address as well as your first and last name.
The Name, and Home Address of the Payer must match the Proforma Invoice issued.
Example of information for the e-mail to be sent to the OneLife accounting department:
From: Your e-mail address (active on OneLife account)
To: invoice@onelifecorp.eu
Subject: Order 50% / 50% promotion
Text area
1 Starter Education Package
1 Blockchain semi-professional education packages
Please send my Pro Forma Invoice.
My details
First name:
Last name:
Sincerely yours
PLEASE NOTE THAT when you receive the PROFORMA INVOICE by e-mail follow exactly the instructions given.
NOTE THAT the name of the person making the transfer and the person to whom we issued the invoice must be identical. Also, in the payment reference, please write ONLY invoice number without any additional information! (otherwise, the transfer will be refunded).
We wish you success in building the Eagle Team!

Please take full advantage of the Wonder Wheel which will be here until March 31st, 2021.

Spin the Wheel when you purchase any new Educational Package and see your tokens increase by 25%, 50%, 75% or double. 
More tokens mean more ONEs. 

Don’t miss this opportunity for more!!!

We are happy to announce that our Block Explorer has been turned on. This feature would enable you to see hash to hash transactions and is currently available internally, to our OneLife network only. However, we will assess over a period of time to determine if the option should be made available for outside networkers to view our Block Explorer.

Please note the following formula as a breakdown and explanation of the Block Explorer and how it works:

One 42.50 € — Price

Difficulty 86400000 TH — Time that it takes to turn tokens into coins

Block Height 3075534 — The block height of a particular block is defined as the number of blocks preceding it in the blockchain

Total Txs 698318 — Total number of transactions for the period

Market Cap 10625000000000 € — Price * Volume

Volume (24h) — 646457377.13 — How much coins are traded for the past 24H

Change (1h) — what is the change between this hour and the previous one

Change (1 day) — what is the change between this day and the previous one

Change (1 week) — what is the change between this week and the previous one

The new blockchain is designed especially for our (One coin) needs and it can be adapted to our requirements.

Currently, the setup is producing 1 transaction per second, but this transaction can be with unlimited amount of coins.

This format is better for the initial migration because we are processing billions of coins to the network and the entire balance from the old platform is coming as one transaction to the user’s account in the new platform.

If we increase the number of transactions per second, we need to decrease the allowed amount of coins per transaction and in the end, we will have slower migration.

Recently, with the migration process, it appears that there are some members experiencing difficulty in their attempts to reset their passwords due to the following error: “Could not determine active user. It is possible that more than one user has the same email.”.  We would like to provide you with some answers regarding such issues.

In the current system, we have merged your respective accounts into a single profile and through this profile you have access to each of your accounts and can switch from one to another freely without the need to logout and login each time. This creates certain rules regarding the usage of your email. Currently there can be only one profile with each email.

However, there are multiple profiles with the same email address and different phone numbers used by multiple people for more than one profiles. In order for you to reset your password, each profile must hold a unique email and all profiles that have duplicate emails must be changed.

Currently our support team are going through the requests from members who are unable to login or unable to reset their password and each case is reviewed by our Compliance team.

We would like to inform our members that the fee of 30 Euros, for change of email and/or phone number, or merging different profiles into a single (that were split due to different information provided such as different: phone number, email or KYC documents) applies as it was in the old system.

Please be informed that each email change is done after they confirm the ownership of the profile for which they require the following:

*a copy of a document that could serve as a Proof of ID (copy of passport or ID card) for the KYC verification procedure

*a copy of a document that could serve as a Proof of address for the KYC verification procedure.

Please note that the fee/s can be paid via bank wire or BTC only. So please inform us of your preferred payment method and we will provide you with the payment details.

As we embark on OneLife 2.0, it is necessary for there to be a full understanding of why many procedures and strategies are evolving in the correct direction and with the proper purpose.

Firstly, once again, the main reason for the 30 Euro fee for account(s) activation must be addressed. This is because any account with a different name, but same email address, phone number or any other form of conflicting information with another account, will result in IMAs having issues and as a result these profiles must be separated.

It is therefore mandatory that this fee is paid for one main reason: Digital Identity! Digital Identity means that as an IMA you must be identified as an individual through the connection of your email or phone number, especially for two factor authentication (2FA) verification methods.

What we are speaking to you about, our colleagues, is in preparation for the greater good of all IMAs and the Company. It is in alignment with every regulation policy drawn and puts us in a better position for any Government policies, exchange, or other requirements.





As an integrated part of the One Ecosystem, the DealShaker platform increases usability of the OneCoin. It encourages IMAs and Merchants to join the platform, to buy and sell products and services. We want to remind our subscribers of the Merchant Shout Out feature for Merchants who demonstrate high levels of motivation, performance, and customer service. Of course, it is expected that Merchants will generate additional traction and publicity through this segment of the Newsletter. 
Send us your stories and suggestions! We will give tributes to Merchants with active deals, as our way of saying «Thank you!». All teams can send their Shout Out suggestions to:  support@dealshaker.com.  Provide pictures and details on the location of the merchant, the type of deals offered, name of the merchant or business and why you think they are worthy of a shout out.
Let us begin our Merchant tour with the Country of INDIA which occupies the greater part of South Asia, it is the second most populous country, after China.  With roughly one-sixth of the world’s total population. It consists of a highly diverse population with thousands of ethnic groups and hundreds of languages.  India has a myriad of landscapes, great heritage and culture, varied flora, and fauna.
Next up is PAKISTAN which lies to the North-West of India. Its other neighbours are China, Afghanistan, and Iran. It borders the Arabian Sea to the South. Pakistan has a varied climate and geography. It has vast Mountain Ranges in the North and an area of desert in the West. The Indus River plain in the Centre and East is fertile and has many Lakes. 
Our Final destination is THE CARIBBEAN, an archipelago encompassing more than 7,000 individual islands in a region of approximately 1 million square miles. There are 13 sovereign island nations and 12 dependent territories, with close political ties throughout the region to Europe and the United States. Another 10 Latin American countries include coastlines along the Caribbean. The entire region, from Jamaica in the North to Trinidad and Tobago in the South, often referred to as the West Indies, benefits from a tropical climate with year-round beach-vacation temperatures, making it one of the most coveted destinations in the world.
These Magnificent Merchants from the EAST and the WEST have a special variety of products and services including: Jewelry, Fitness Coaching Certification, Housing, Online Classified Advertising and Car Wash Services. However, what they all have in common regardless of COUNTRY OR PRODUCT AND SERVICES is that they all accept ONEs
Our 1st Merchant Shout Out is for the EAST and it goes to SYED HUSSAIN ALI of Lahore, PAKISTAN. This enterprising DealShaker Merchant provides Fitness Certification for members of our OneLife Community.  Accepting 50% ONEs /50% Fiat for Level 1 Fitness Certificates. SYED HUSSAIN ALI has been involved in the Health & Fitness Industry for over 10 years, a passionate and enthusiastic sportsman who has worked , as a Fitness Instructor and successful Personal Trainer, for two of the top and biggest fitness Commercial Clubs in the World. SYED HUSSAIN ALI’s expertise will certainly educate and so empower potential fitness professionals from our One Life Community with this special deal.


The 2nd Merchant Shout Out also for the EAST goes to SRIRAMA/VIJAYALAXMI JEWELLERS, Jammikunta, INDIA. This resourceful DealShaker Merchant offers on the Platform 916 Hallmark Gold Ornaments including, Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Chains.   The current deal coupons for 20%ONEs/80% Fiat are for exquisite 22 carat Gold Chains and 22 Carat Gold Earrings all with 916 Hallmark. This Merchant delights in making his customers sparkle.



Our 3rd Merchant Shout Out is for the WEST/ THE CARIBBEAN and it goes to MARWIN 1976 LIMITED, Port of Spain TRINIDAD.  This first-rate DealShaker Merchant is accepting 50% ONEs towards the down payment of a BRASSAVOLA Unit, a spacious 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom Single Family Home with 1500 sq ft of living area on 5000 sq ft land space. MARWIN 1976 LIMITED is doing his part in making the owning of a home a dream come true with the usability of ONEs.


Merchant Shout out #4 is also  for THE CARIBBEAN and it goes to  ESHOPPES NETWORK LTD Marabella, TRINIDAD.  This outstanding Merchant launched an advertising platform iamonelife.com to help all members on the DealShaker Platform to advertise their Business, Affiliate Profile, and links. Events such as Garage Sales, Webinars and more can be displayed and connected to your social media presence with 365 days of online visibility. ESHOPPES NETWORK LTD accepts 50% ONEs (€24.98) for placing your advertisement. Once redeemed you will be registered you as a Subscriber to the site iamonelife.com. Once Registration is successful you will receive an email with further instructions on payment of the 50% balance. 


Merchant Shout Out #5 for the CARIBBEAN is to TLS CARWASH Paramaribo, SURINAME. This very reliable and consistent DealShaker Merchant is offering a great deal in time for Valentine, the Total In & Out Full House Carwash Home-Service. A service which includes thorough outdoor wash and vacuum cleaning, steam of car seats, mats, floor, and ceiling. Additionally, the service includes the removal of small car scratches, machine polish and car lenses cleaning and blow out car machine hat. This TLS CARWASH deal will have a lot of hearts pumping with excitement of the Full Cash Wash Home Service for 4.72 ONEs


Some members of our One Life Community who have been translating elements of the Official Newsletter and in some instances the entire Newsletter, have requested that we share the web link they use or intend to use in their community in our Weekly Newsletter.
Today, therefore, we are sharing the first of these web-links which has been submitted for the Spanish Speaking Community. 
The provision of this translation and the weblink for the Spanish Community is being provided through the joint efforts of Ms. Violeta Ostan from Argentina and Ms. Gabriela Alarcón from Mexico.  Together for More.


5th, 12th, 19th and 26th February 2021




This has been one of the most horrendous, challenging, and difficult weeks and weekends of my OneLife. But I heard Les Brown say: “Never say you’re having a bad day…say you’re having a character-building day.”  Thus, I want to say that this has been a character-building week and weekend. To add to it all, I do not agree with the timeframe the company has given regarding the Power Pack distribution, but I respect and understand why that decision was made. Sometimes you must respect ‘no’ just as you respect ‘yes’. To make a long story short, we have to ‘roll to play’ and this should be the end of cleaning up the mess from the past that was created!
I know many on the Co-Captains’ Board and other Leaders are working extremely hard to really bring forward true and accurate information. For this, I want to just say thank you to all who are working so diligently behind the scenes, to push this directive in the right direction, so that we would be able to help as many as we can. This is all in aid of the company’s start to formulating and investigating all those who would have to receive the free GAS, so persons can be satisfied with their Coins.
With that being said, the rise of the One Ecosystem and the event which will soon be upon us must be touched on. Thank God for Church and God’s Word, because I heard the Preacher speak a message which really fell in my lap. It speaks about never getting weary and holding on to what is true. He spoke about the story of Paul in the book of Timothy where you ought not have itchy ears, but instead be of sound doctrine. You see, that stood out as true to me. Having to deal with all the Power Pack situations where many people from across the Globe, some who have never messaged me before, have contacted me. I am of the firm understanding and belief that we have everything that is real about us. We are a sound doctrine.
Many may have fallen by the wayside and have developed itchy ears, but like the prodigal son, they are welcome to come back home. They are welcome to return and find their rightful place and build their business.
Let me make my long story short or split it into two and speak more of the other aspect of the rise of the One Ecosystem next week. I will say it to you in this way: nobody ever leaves this organisation once they have or have ever had a OneCoin. Do you know why? Because they are all watching, hoping, praying, trusting, wanting, and wishing to use their Coin and spend it. They may not be adding value anymore, but the moment the opportunity exists for someone to use OneCoin, they will jump at the chance to use it. That allowed me to believe that I cannot stop pushing and will never give up!
If there are so many people waiting to utilize the coin, what would that mean? Your coin will be in circulation more and your value and wealth would increase. People are going to stabilize my value, your value, your legacy, and your wealth by just utilizing the coin, which they are going to do!
What you and I must do is maintain the course and bring the value. Push forward and not abandon the truth and turn to fables. We are to endure and penetrate this market with the powerful message of the One Ecosystem — a true, living organism that can level the playing field of the manipulation that has been happening the last 700 years.
So, stay tuned to my message next week, since I can’t give too much today. You see, what I want to touch on is why the One Ecosystem has and will continue to RISE and why it would never fail if you understood your value. If you heard me speaking on the show, Conversations with Zelisa on Fridays, you would have heard me touch on some of that during the presentation where I spoke about money and what it is. Money is, my friends, whatever we agree upon to accept as a method of payment. The key words in that definition being ‘we’. That is me and you. Money is trust.
Much love and respect to all who are out there making sure that The ONE is money, thank you!
Your humble servant and Captain,
King Jayms

Dear all,

Recently, it has come to our attention that several merchants have started to conduct fraudulent practices outside of the Dealshaker platform which constitutes a high risk of money loss to the people who participate. The deals in question are about sales of gold, real estate properties, motor vehicles and other products of high value. 

Many of the above mentioned  deals are accompanied by a tempting proposal by the merchant – the buyer should transfer his accounts to the merchant and pay part of the deal price outside of the platform in exchange of some expensive good or service. Bear in mind that this practice is strictly forbidden according to the applicable OneLife T&C 18(2). 


Here is some useful information on how important it is to have a written contract.

In the 21st century, professionals are all too aware of the long history of deal-breaking and lawsuits that have taken place all around them.

Contracts are important because they outline expectations for both parties and protect both parties in case those expectations aren’t met. 

Hopefully, you’ll never have to take legal actions based on the contract which means the project will end eventually, but to take preliminary precautions is always the best thing to do.

Contracts are compulsory as they:

— provide proof of details

— prevent misunderstanding from arising

— provide security and peace of mind

— serve as an official record of the agreement

Don’t forget — both parties should keep a copy of the contract as a file for several years in case an issue arises later on!


Compliance aims to guide IMA-s to operate in the right direction. It strives to repair the damages done by bad practices.
Compliance attempts to provide OneLife Network’s IMA-s the chance to experience an innovative, intelligent and efficient technologies operating in a transparent environment, without unfair competition.
Compliance calls for strengthening the cooperation within OLN (OneLife Network) and insist on equal respect and rights to each member of the network.

OneLife will change the world only when unification set to be the eternal goal, when we enhance mutual assistance, solidarity, responsibility, tolerance and respect. 

In the OneLife network, all members share the same rights and responsibilities!


  • Unreasonable fear Compliance is only sanctioning department
  • Belief equality between OneLife IMA-s does not exist
  • Exposure of IMA-s to fraudulent practice
  • Insinuations generate mistrust which is used by some OneLife IMA-s to divert attention from their own wrongful practices and actions
  • Underestimation of OneLife goal for transparency

  • Sale of coins and/or educational packages as an investment opportunity (coins; accounts, etc.). OneLife is not an investment company and does not offer any investment opportunities
  • Cross recruiting — Instead of helping the network rebuilds itself, it destroys it by taking pieces from it
  • Unethical behavior
  • Onboarding with fraudulent promises
  • Misuse of power by OneLife IMA-s
  • Dissemination of incorrect and misleading information due to lack of professionalism, awareness and/ or greed

Sanctions have become the tool to respond to major violations from SPAM or/ fraudulent, deceptive or unethical business conduct by any IMA to identity theft, financial fraud and counter terrorism.
Violation of the applicable T&C, IMA Agreement, any fraudulent, deceptive or unethical business, conducted by an IMA may result, at Company’s discretion, in one or more of the following corrective measures, with effect from the date of its establishment:

  • Issuance of a written warning or admonition;
  • Requiring the IMA to take immediate corrective measures;
  • Imposition of a fine, which may be withheld from the account; €100 for incorrect personal data or the lack of it and 250 to €500 penalty for more minor violations and up to 5100 for major violations;
  • Loss of rights to one or more bonus payments;
  • Any other measure, which the Company deems practicable to implement to equitably resolve any damage caused partially or exclusively by the IMAs policy violation or contractual breach;
  • Suspension of the individual’s IMA position for one or more pay periods;
  • Involuntary cancellation of the offending IMA position;
  • Immediate removal of the IMA’s web page(s) and termination of the IMA’s position;
  • Any other measures explicitly allowed within any provision of the General Terms and Conditions, the present IMA Agreement or allowed by law
The IMA is only entitled to a commission if he or she is not in violation of the General Terms and Conditions and the IMA Agreement.
Factors that may modify the application of sanctions:
Sanctions could be modified based on mitigating factors or factors that may reflect in a greater damage,caused by the breach and thus work against the offender, ultimately increasing the penalty.
Examples of aggravate sanctioning include:

  • Multiple offences
  • Breach of sensitive information such as personal data  
  • High volume of people or data affected  
  • High exposure for the Company  
  • Large organizational expense incurred  
  • Activities, hampering the investigation, such as providing of misleading and/or incorrect information
  • Actions with a negative influence on others  
  • If the violation is continuing even after an official warning  

Factors that could mitigate sanctioning include:

  • Breach occurred as a result of attempting to help an IMA  
  • Victim(s) that suffered no harm
  • Offender voluntarily admitted the breach and cooperated with the investigation
  • Offender showed remorse and has recovered damages
  • Action was taken under pressure from an individual in a position of authority  

This practice enables the application of general principles that lead to fair and consistent outcomes.


In order to keep our IMAs’ privacy and at the same time to implement efficient control and reporting system we have developed a reporting system allowing reporting and monitoring functions without exposing the identity of the person that has sent the report and creating unnecessary tension in the community.

Whistleblowers inform the Company of any kind of information or activity that can be deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct with the polices, procedures and guidelines of the OneLife organization.


If you think an entity or individual is involved in wrongdoing within our OneLife community, and you want to report it, please use the Whistle Blowing Report. Once completed, this report becomes CONFIDENTIAL. All personal data collected will only be used for purposes, which are directly related to the whistleblowing case like, for example, contacting you in case we need more information.

Every whistleblower will have to provide an evidence of the claim made in the report. Please send your Whistle Blowing Report to: compliance@onelife.eu.

Evidences could be: screen shots of skype/viber/facebook/other social media chats and communications; e-mail correspondence; a declaration in writing, i.e. Whistle Blowing Report, (please fill in your personal data) and signed by the IMA.

Please fill in the Whistle Blowing Report carefully as this represents your case . We will review the information you provided, investigate the case and come back to you with feedback, when our investigation is completed.

We would like to remind all OneLife members to strictly adhere to the provisions in our Terms and Conditions, to which all members are legally bound, concerning the dissemination of false information regarding the OneLife Network company.

Any proven violation including, but not limited to misleading information about an IMA official Leadership Rank, OneLife products and services or the company’s compensation plan may result in severe sanctions, reaching fines up to 5 100 EUR, effective immediately.

As a network marketing company, we manage to provide opportunities each day by channeling the power of collective effort. We encourage all IMAs to take individual responsibility for the stable and successful growth of the Network in 2018.

Thank you all for your efforts!

To become the everyday essential brand for all our members and shareholders, OneLife must continue to build a successful and enduring company with the right tools and resources.

To achieve this, all OneLife members MUST PRESENT THE ONELIFE BRAND IN A CONSISTENT, UNIFIED WAY that will resonate across the Network. To achieve this, we have prepared

These guidelines have been developed to familiarize the Network with our brand identity and ensure the consistency, accuracy, confidence and purpose of all communication initiatives across all communication channels.

The OneLife brand book has one purpose — to help all OneLife members be heard globally by communicating in one voice — louder, clearer, simpler!

Read more about them HERE.


(Check out all of our downloadable materials in the Media Center -> Resources section at www.onelife.eu)

The OneLife Network (OLN) is a growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. The Network has a digital platform with a unique ecosystem of sophisticated products and social networking tools that help members achieve financial independence. Members enjoy access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice. This allows them to understand, mine and trade cryptocurrency, and make secure, low-cost, cross-border transactions.

Our vision is to provide alternative payment solutions and equal access to financial education to people worldwide. The OneLife Network makes financial transactions and trade safer, easier, and available to everyone on the web. Our ecosystem of virtual tools and services holds the potential to open new economic markets for cross border trade and to stimulate economic growth.






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